Monday, April 16, 2007

Eris and Ethan bowling

A couple of days ago my brother in law Rett and I took Eris and Ethan duckpin bowling At Perry Hall Lanes.

Duckpins are fairly closely tied with my hometown of Baltimore. It's like ten-pin, but the balls are smaller, the pins are smaller, and you get three rolls instead of two. Fun for kids right?


Next time we'll go to a place with gutter bumpers. Perry Hall didn't offer them. Combine that with an uneven lane that rolled balls to the left made for kind of a frustrating game for the kids. They still had fun as kids will but it could have been a lot better. Duckpins are hard! I rolled a mighty 49. Eris "won" (she insisted she did anyway).

The place was very Bawlmer, and it even had snowballs. They weren't great, but hey, I have to drive 20 minutes for snowballs out here in Frederick. Freez-King out here makes good snowballs but doesn't have egg custard flavor. Snowballs were pretty huge when I was growing up. We used to walk to the snowball stand for a buck and then the second-run movie theater for another $2 when I was a kid growing up in Arbutus. Good times.

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CoCoCan said...

In my hometown, we haven't Duckpins...I think it's very funny..

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